As a Mortgage Broker, my computer equipment is the life blood of my business. When there is a glitch in my system, it’s not only my ability to serve my clients that is disrupted, but can potentially impede my ability to secure a mortgage for my clients should there be a time sensitivity situation.

I had such an issue recently and as you can imagine, it caused me a great deal of stress.  Larry, my favourite Little Guy came to my office to look at my computer and in no time got to work on the problem, making sure my files were all backed up before he started the process.  This showed me that not only did he care about his business of fixing my computer, he also cared about my business.

Larry was professional, friendly and engaging.  He even tried to explain to me what was going on as he did the repairs.  You can tell The Little Guy is obviously very passionate about his chosen profession.

I will enthusiastically recommend his valuable services to everyone I can.  The Little Guy is truly a BIG GUY in my books.


Margaret Heesters,

a.k.a.  The Mortgage Chic


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