We decided to upgrade our 8 year old (XP) PC & two printers & scanner for a wireless Laptop & printer/ scanner.  So in my research I found Larry “The Little Guy Computer Consultant” who came over to our home to discuss with the misses & me what we were looking for & our budget. Well we finally decided on a wireless notebook 17” in size & wireless printer/scanner & a second wireless device (a tablet) for scrolling the internet. Well Larry ordered everything then set a day to come & install & remove all of our old equipment. We are now on Windows 8 with everything working beyond our belief & taking our time to reacquaint ourselves to these new devises. Larry “The Little Guy Computer Consultant” was such a good help to us in our transition from XP to Windows 8 that he is definitely a computer expert on these things that I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants or needs a computer consultant who is current on all programs & software.


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