Computer Tutoring.

Most people refer to their hard disk and RAM as “all memory” on the computer.  In fact, technicians rarely take the time to explain that there is a difference.  RAM is “Random Access Memory”. This is where the program loads when you click on the icon. Usually referred to as “How many Gigabytes do I have?”  To have this question answered, call us and book an appointment as computer tutoring may be for you.

This service is great if you are just starting out and want to learn how to operate your new computer/laptop or if you just need a “brush-up”. We can help you learn how to navigate the Internet (World Wide Web) or how to use Microsoft software  (i.e. Windows Operating Systems or Microsoft Office) for basic everyday use. If you require tutoring with other software programs please inquire as to the possibility.

Pricing: $35.00 per hour

** Call us to schedule a time **


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