Computer Technology Consulting.



Looking for ideas regarding upgrades or maybe you are being cautious because you don’t want to be sold something more than what you need? If you think you need it, ask us. We will work with you and help you get what you need, not what “they” want to sell you.

  • We visit your location
  • Recommend upgrades and integrations options
  • Review your current devices
  • Network Options

Pricing: $89.95

The “Little Guy” is as current as possible with the hardware and software market. As your consultant, we will look at your everyday needs, assess your personal situation and will give you 2 to 3 solutions that will be both financially and practically sound for you. Removing the questions to whether you need a computer upgrading plan or a complete purchase, we make it easy for you to acquire what you want for needs. Quotes completed within 2-5 business days to ensure we meet your expectations.


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