AWESOME deals on the following services:

Hardware and Parts Replacements

Don’t have enough disk space, need a video card upgrade, not enough RAM (memory)? We can fix this for you.

Repairing Slow Computers

By far, this is the most common issue. Over the years computers and laptops can become slow and possible stop responding.  Possible issues could be popups when browsing the Internet. Another is “Your virtual memory is low”. This could mean that you have a Spyware or virus that needs to be removed for your computer to perform at optimal speed. A third problem may be a hardware issues and/or unnecessary files.

Repairing Printer Problem Connections

Printer connection problems can sometimes occur with no warning, especially if it is connecting wireless.  You could also see error messages popups as well. Do you need assistance in installing or replacing ink cartridges, setting up your printer or setting your printer wireless so you can access it from any computer then call us. We work with all brands of printers.

Computer Start-up Issues

There are numerous start-up issues you may encounter when you try to turn on your computer. If you computer doesn’t turn on at all, or it takes forever to load, then we can help you.

Device Setup

Have you just purchased a new laptop or computer (PC) and need assistance in setting up all your devices? Give us a call. We can help in setting up various devices including routers, printers, monitors, modems, speakers, USB devices, external hard drives, wireless cards and adapters.

Viruses, Malware and Spyware Removal

Viruses, Malware and Spyware can make your computer extremely slow and eventually can completely destroy it. These viruses usually infect your computer when you are on the Internet, especially when downloading files online. By calling us to remove viruses from your computer, will increase your computer processing speed immensely and feel like brand new.

Computer Tutoring

A great one of a kind service if you are just starting out or if you are looking to “brush-up”. We can help you learn how to navigate the Internet (World Wide Web) or how to use Microsoft software (i.e. Windows Operating Systems or Microsoft Office) for basic everyday use.  We also offer tutoring on sending and receive e-mail, organize photo albums, print letters and photos, transferring pictures from your camera to your computer, then transferring them to a CD, DVD or flash drive.  If you require tutoring with other software programs please inquire as to the possibility.

Technical Support Retainer

A computer is a major investment, just like a vehicle. Why would you NOT protect it. For your “piece of mind retainer” and a yearly cost, you get 10 hours of support for less than a large cup of coffee.


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