We received this email to our business. on December 3, 2012. Please be aware of who you get unsolicited email from.

Titan Escrow Group Inc. Scam

Here is another scam you all should be aware of. I got an email this morning offering me a job and I decided to do a little research on it before I replied. Turns out, many people have gotten this email and at least one person has been the victim of fraud. She handed over copies of her identification and the scammers used it.
Now, there is a legitimate company named Titan Escrow Group Inc., but they have nothing to do with this scam as far as we can tell. They are located in California and the “job offer” is for a Canadian office, which doesn’t exist.

Before you answer any email for a job offer, make sure that you check the email address. Emails were sent from BernettsyaGaobstejelum@hotmail.com and HiojllaryWhetskatorene@hotmail.com. The fact that it was sent from a Hotmail account and not a company account is a dead giveaway. Someone named Olivia Wilson is also sending out these fake job offers.
Here’s what the original email looks like:

“Greetings from Titan Escrow Group Inc. !

Hirer: “Titan Escrow Group”
Titan Escrow Group is conventional escrow.
Our reputation as one of the world’s advanced escrow agents has been accrued by convinced group, which can provide your deals close accurately.

Job appointment: Receiving Clerk
Position area: Canada
Job information: $700/week for 20 hours/week.

Your responsibilities Will consist of:
– Check and keep reporting on incoming and outgoing shipments.
– Check receipt of shipments against bills of lading, invoices or other record.
– To keep the record of our Clients and Sellers
– Guide Clients

You should acquire the following skills:
– Self-starter
– Have good communication skills
– Have good organizational skills
– Basic computer skills Word, Excel/Social)

We’re looking forward to your answer. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.
“Titan Escrow Group” HR office”