Managing your monthly internet usage

Excessive Internet usage has become the thorn in everyone’s side. You receive your monthly bill from your Internet provider and you find you have been billed extra usage. Misconception is this; both download and upload are considered as bandwidth usage. I have heard from many that they do not download on the internet. In fact, every time you visit a webpage, you are “downloading” the content to view it. There is no way to get out of that, so understanding that when you surf the internet, you are always downloading content.

  1. These are things you could look into before calling your provider.
  2. Go online to your provider’s website and view your online usage for the month.
  3. If you have a wireless modem and you are not using wireless to connect, turn off the modem broadcasting.
  4. Change your wireless password and security type. I suggest using WPA/PSK instead of the factory default of WEP (if unsure, call your provider for details)
  5. Verify your partner or children have not been downloading movies from torrent sites.
  6. Verify you are not classified as a “seed” when downloading from torrent sites.
  7. Scan your computer for Trojan viruses, Spyware and Malware

If you still cannot find the issue, call your Internet service provider and inquire. Maybe your package isn’t big enough for your usage or there is an error/problem they can fix for you. If unsure of what questions to ask them, contact a consultant to speak with you, then they can speak on your behalf.