Email Virii (The plural of Virus) – how to minimize viral email links from sending to your contacts.

Lately there has been a surge of emails that get sent from your email from your contacts (friends) email that you did not send. The body of the email simply has a website link in it promoting a website. This is a good indication your Hotmail email address has been hacked.

To fix this issue, follow the 5 steps below:

  1. Before you do anything else, change your Hotmail email account password to something safe. Use symbols like &, #, ! and $ as part of your password, and make it long (at least 8 characters).  If you find it difficult to remember passwords, write it down in a SAFE place.  Strong passwords are key to email safety.
  2. Check to see that your auto-response and email signature in your email account do not have any additional text added to them, as this would go automatically every time you email a contact.
  3. Then run a virus scan for spyware/malware to be sure your computer is clean. (I user a web based email scanner.  Please visit our links page)
  4. Change your password periodically.  Hotmail has an option to automatically notify you to change your password every 72 days. (My suggestion for your email sanity)
  5. Advise Hotmail customer support of the issue. They can look into it further.