This came in from Scott at AfterHours Computer Service.

The following is an email phishing scam. REMEMBER, your bank will NOT send you any emails regarding your account, web or otherwise. They WILL contact you personally by phone. The date on this email will change to display the date sent to you. DO NOT follow the link, simply delete the message.

Thank you Scott.

Today 14 Jan 2014, we have registered 3 unsuccessful login attempts over your online account.
If you forgot your online details please click here and follow the recovery process.

If this is not you, we urge you to validate your details and account now to ensure you are the real account holder. Click the link below:
Validate now and improve your security for future use of our services.

We will like to inform you that if you fail to validate your details and account, we will not be held responsible for any damage done to your account.

Thank You !

** The link takes you to the following webpage address