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Computer Repair Scams – Brantford Expositor
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City police again remind residents to be wary of unsolicited “computer repair” scams after a resident reported an attempted fraud that took place on Thursday.

The resident received an unsolicited telephone call from someone claiming to be an employee of Microsoft. During the fraud attempt, the resident unplugged the computer and prevented a fraud from taking place, police said.

These types of scams occur when a random person is contacted by telephone and told that his or her computer is experiencing technical difficulties. The fraudster claims to be a representative from Microsoft or a contractor hired by Microsoft to provide technical support. The fraudster will request people to turn on their computers and then trick them into installing malicious software or direct them to fraudulent websites in order to steal personal data.

This is how sensitive data such as online banking information is stolen and identity theft occurs.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from being a victim of fraud:

— Never give out personal information or credit card information to an unknown source over the telephone and/or unsecured email.

— You can stop a telephone scam by hanging up.

— When contacted about your personal accounts, never click on a web link attached to the email to verify or confirm.

— Confirm with family members or your bank before transferring any funds.

— Never agree to give cash to anyone unknown to you in exchange for a cheque written to you by that individual.

— Educate yourself by visiting the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s website at

If you have already sent funds or personal information, contact the police and your financial institution immediately. If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, and reside in Brantford, call the Brantford Police Service at 519-756-7050.

Call your local police department.

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Thank you Amy C.

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Latest Microsoft Phone call scam
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Hello Everyone.

I received a text message today asking if someone receives a call claiming to be Microsoft and they say “Every time someone logs into the internet, a computer server at Microsoft gets “pinged” and we would like to fix the problem.”

This too is a hoax.  Do not let anyone connect to your computer unless YOU have initiated the call.  They will download a program that will collect personal banking information and data relevant to your personal security.  You need to remember, Microsoft will NOT call you at first contact.  Advise them you would like a contact number and employee number, you will call them back or simply hang up your phone.  If you get a contact number and employee ID (very highly unlikely) you should contact Microsoft themselves and report the call and supply/verify the ID and phone number.

Thank you Michael.

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Phony “Microsoft” Calls
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No doubt you have already been made aware of, however, we continue to receive calls from clients and potential regarding this issue.  Please do what we suggest; DO NOT give them any information.  Microsoft WILL NOT call you unless you have an open ticket with them and YOU request a callback. Remember to refrain from giving sensitive contact information and avoid data connections to your PC over the internet unless you have initially made the call yourself and do not assume someone has contacted the person by phone on your behalf.

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