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Fraud CCard Charge
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Fraudulent Credit Card Charge – WITH STRONG LANGUAGE

From: Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft LLP []
Sent: February 8, 2017 9:02 AM
Subject: Fraudulent card charge

Who the f*** are you and why is there a charge from YOUR.COMPANY.EMAIL on my card?
Here you can view my statement , get back to me asap.

bofa_card_statement_YOUR.NAME.doc (Hover over the link and it looks like this:

Thank you
Ida Mcconnell

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Efax Scam
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From: eFax []
Sent: January 31, 2017 10:23 AM
Subject: You received a new eFax from 516-8892794

Image removed by sender. eFax Faxing Simplified

You have an unread 4 page(s) fax.

Sender : 516-8892794
Date : 31 January 2017
Size : 2 page(s)

Your fax can be viewed online, on our website, by visiting: (Hover over the link looks like this:

For additional assistance, please visit our help center at (Hover over the link looks like this:

Thank you for choosing eFax

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Indeed Scam
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Indeed Scam

From: Support <>
Date: 2017-03-04 5:14 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Good day our employee / HR.

We would like to introduce to you a new Software from Indeed for employment searching as well as for the employers who is searching for the right candidate.

It is new and easy search, extended database, job posting and more in our new Software.

There are more than 2.800.000 candidates who is looking for a job right now!

In our update Application more than 100,000 employers looking for employees now!

You can download the Indeed Program follow to link: Indeed free download (Hover over the link looks like this:

Sincerely yours

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e-Transfer Funds SCAM
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Online Services
Hi (,

Canada Revenue Agency sent you $214.17 (CAD).


A message was not provided

Action Required:

Deposit money

Expires: September 30, 2016

Email or text messages carry the notice while the financial institutions securely transfer the money using existing payment networks. For the answers to common questions please visit our FAQs. If your financial Institution does not yet offer Interac e-Transfer®, you can still deposit transfers to any bank account in Canada.

This email was sent to you by Acxsys Corporation, the owner of the Interac e-Transfer® service, on behalf of Vivian C. Hoddle at TD Canada Trust.

Interac Association / Acxsys Corporation
Royal Bank Plaza, North Tower, 200 Bay Street, Suite 2400
P.O. Box 45, Toronto, ON M5J 2J1

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Energy Statement Scam
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We received this today from Carol. She received this energy notice in her email. Thank you Carol.

From: (do_not_reply@xn--62-glcu2aafj.xn--p1ai) Your junk email filter is set to exclusive.
Email link:
Sent: January-14-14 11:21:50 AM
To: **********

This message is here because your junk email filter is set to exclusive.

Wait! It’s safe! Email link: |I’m not sure. Let me check Email Link:
PG & E ENERGY STATEMENT Account No: 698319245-9
Statement Date: 01/10/2014
Due Date: 02/01/2014
Your Account SummaryAmount Due on Previous Statement
Payment(s) Recieved Since Last StatementPrevious Unpaid BalanceCurrent Electric Charges
Current Gas Charges
To view your most recent statement, please click here Email link: You must log-in to your account or register for an online account to view your statement.
Total Amount Due BY 02/01/2014 $559.7

*** Simply delete the email. If you have opened it and clicked the link, run a virus scan and change your email passwords. ALL OF THEM.***

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CIBC Email Phishing Scam
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This came in from Scott at AfterHours Computer Service.

The following is an email phishing scam. REMEMBER, your bank will NOT send you any emails regarding your account, web or otherwise. They WILL contact you personally by phone. The date on this email will change to display the date sent to you. DO NOT follow the link, simply delete the message.

Thank you Scott.

Today 14 Jan 2014, we have registered 3 unsuccessful login attempts over your online account.
If you forgot your online details please click here and follow the recovery process.

If this is not you, we urge you to validate your details and account now to ensure you are the real account holder. Click the link below:
Validate now and improve your security for future use of our services.

We will like to inform you that if you fail to validate your details and account, we will not be held responsible for any damage done to your account.

Thank You !

** The link takes you to the following webpage address

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Email – PAYPAL Notification
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We received this email this morning (January 7, 2014). If you have replied to this email, contact Paypal and let them know you are compromised.

This email came in from the address

Please read below:

Dear customer,

Your account has been limited until we hear from you

Click here to resolve the problem (THIS IS A BOGUS LINK)

Thank you!

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response.

Copyright © 1999-2014 PayPal. All rights reserved.

Do NOT follow the link. Instead, if you have a PayPal account, log in and verify your account is fine and delete the email. If you have opened it, contact PayPal and let them know and change your password.

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We received this email over the weekend. If you have replied to this email, contact your credit card company and bank, let them know you are compromised.

This email came in from the address

Please read below:


This account is no longer protected Meanwhile ;
you will loose this account any moment from now as the information has wiped
out from our network operating system
and if you
still need the account to be active please reconfirm the below information to
us without any mistake for us to upgrade to our data;

Account Name:
Account password:
Reconfirm password:
Your phone;
Question And Answer you use to open the box
Test Question……
Test Answer………

We are sorry for any Inconvenience as soon as we get this information’s we
would get the problem fixed.
Email Upgrade Services

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DHL Ship Shipment Notification Scam
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We received this email from Carol. Thank you. The links have embedded links to templates that could be used to phish information from your registry including personal information. See the email below:


DHL Ship Shipment Notification

On May 9, 2013 a shipment label was printed for delivery.
The shipment number of this package is 58492455.

To get additional info about this shipment use any of these options:

1) Click the following URL in your browser:
Get Shipment Info (this is where the link is)

2) Enter the shipment number on tracking page:
Tracking Page (this is where the link is)

For further assistance, please call DHL Customer Service.
For International Customer Service, please use official DHL site.


This message was created by DHL Ship, a product of DHL, at the request
of the sender. No authentication of email address has been performed.
Deutsche Post DHL 2013 DHL International GmbH. All rights reserved.

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Scotiabank Email Phishing Scam
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This email came into our offices today.  Please read below and DELETE this email if you receive it.

HSBC logo The world’s local bank

Important Information

As a bank we are used to thinking about security. At HSBC Qatar, we use industry
standard security technology and

practices, focusing on three key areas : PRIVACY, TECHNOLOGY and IDENTIFICATON to safeguard your account from any

unauthorised access.
Our Technical services Department are carrying out a planned software upgrade for the maximum convenience of the users of our online-services.
Please click on LOG ON TO INTERNET BANKING below to update your
account security as soon as possible.

This link is:       DO NOT FOLLOW this link.  Simply delete the email.  We have contacted Scotiabank and are now aware if this email and are currently dealing with the issue.
Thank You,
Customer Advisory HSBC QATAR

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