Schedule regular backups of your data.

Your data is most valuable to you. Have you ever had that “sinking” feeling when you go to open your files and you get a “Your data is corrupt and unrecoverable” message, or your hard disk crashes. Now all your hard work on your files is gone and you are left with the daunting task of recreating these documents. Almost everyone has program disks to reinstall their software, but now you need to recreate your data. One way to protect your data is to invest in a USB stick for backup. Your choice, most USB sticks work well but you want a USB stick big enough for all your files (min 8GB)

Steps to set up your backup are as follows:

  1. Save your data in the My Documents directory in folders for easy access.
  2. Set a schedule for your backup; daily or weekly, it’s up to you.
  3. Before logging off your PC, click your start button and follow the 3 steps below:
  1. click the Documents option on the right,
  2. press the Ctrl+A keys together to select all files and folders,
  3. then right click your mouse button, in the menu left click the “Send To” option and choose your USB stick.

This will copy your latest files to your USB stick.