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Larry “The Little Guy” graduated from CDI College of Business and Technology in 1995 with 2 diplomas, Computer Maintenance and Local Area Network Administration.  He was hired by a private college as an instructor from 1995-1998.  It was here Larry learned how to train adults in the art of perseverance and coached them towards their career goals.  Larry also attained his Certified Novell Administrator designation along with his A+ certification.

From 1998 to 2002, Larry expanded his career to the manufacturing sector.  He became the PC Support and Desktop Specialist for a medical manufacturing company.  The role quickly grew and he became the Onsite IT Administrator where he added computer security experience, implemented a daily disaster recovery action plan, integrated networks including a major server upgrade (both hardware and Novell), rewired the office and manufacturing plant from Token Ring to Ethernet connected to a fiber optic backbone and integrated a Windows 2000 server with Novell, Data General Unix and Citrix servers.

After the servers were complete, he moved to the workstations, where he championed the campaign to upgrade 50 desktop PCs to industry standards, purchased and installed HP LaserJet printers, upgraded 12 IBM Thinkpads to include Citrix dial-in capabilities from across Canada for the remote sales force.  Every PC was equipped with an information tag and documentation showing the install date, software installation, hardware configuration and location all on a PC tag, in a secure file cabinet and in an ACCESS database.  These jobs were in addition to the daily routine of maintaining the office daily functionality.  This meant upgrades and replacements were scheduled to be completed after hours and on weekends.

From 2002 to the present, Larry has been working in the computer industry as a private tutor, computer maintenance technician, network technician and computer consultant. 

As the ever-changing world evolves, there is one main philosophy Larry has followed throughout his career.  That is:

“We fix our client, then we fix the problem.”

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